Nasıl yardımcı olabiliriz?

As NEXTON Engineering, we combined years of experience in the sector with the dynamism of youth. We are assertive about Kosher Certification. We guarantee affordable prices and superior service. Our primary mission is; Our aim is to ensure that you, our valued business partners, reach your target by taking the right steps with the guidance of our expert team in all Kosher fields, and to provide reliable products to consumers who demand Kosher.

We are the Kosher Certification Agency based in Turkey, where you can get excellent service in the field of Kosher Certification and which you can always contact. Thanks to our large team, you have the capacity to perform Kosher Audit Certification not only in Turkey but in every region of Europe, and you are effective and authorized to issue an Internationally approved Kosher Certificate. Our Kosher certificates are issued in Israel. The certificates we issue are approved by CHIEF RABBINATE OF ISRAEL and are valid all over the world.
Consumers demand quality products in their shopping, and they prefer companies that they believe have these features. In the Kosher market, which is growing more and more each day, there is a need for reliable Kosher Certified products at high standards. Undoubtedly, one of the features that distinguishes businesses from each other is undoubtedly customer satisfaction. Market managers, who are aware of this, want to provide reliable products to all customers visiting their markets. They do not want to lose even a single customer because they cannot find the product suitable for them on the market shelves. In these days when competition is intense in almost every sector, having Kosher Certificate and Kosher logo that we will provide to your company will give you advantages and privileges in the national and international markets.