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Making the Manufacturing Facility Kosher Eligible

If non-kosher substances are used in the system, the entire system must be thoroughly cleaned under the supervision of the responsible rabbi. The methods and chemicals to be used for cleaning are as follows; cleaning products such as sodium hydroxide solution using boiling hot water / steam.

What is required to get kosher certification?

a. List of all components and suppliers

b. All ingredients must be Kosher certified.

NS. The responsible auditor should visit the production facility.

Who is authorized to issue a Kosher Certificate?

It is the Chief Rabbinate of Israel (CHIEF RABBINATE OF ISRAEL), which is recognized as the country's largest rabbinical authority by Israeli laws, and it has a single jurisdiction in all matters related to Kosher Certification. The list that determines the companies and rabbis authorized to conduct Kosher audits and issue Kosher Certificates is prepared by CHIEF RABBINATE OF ISRAEL. You can find the list in the appendix. APPENDIX1(CHIEF RABBINATE OF ISRAEL).